Structural Classification of Proteins
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Fold: Bcr-Abl oncoprotein oligomerization domain [a.147]
Fold: Arp2/3 complex 21 kDa subunit ARPC3 [a.148]
Fold: RNase III domain-like [a.149]
Fold: Anti-sigma factor AsiA [a.150]
Fold: Glutamyl tRNA-reductase dimerization domain [a.151]
Fold: AhpD-like [a.152]
Fold: Nuclear receptor coactivator interlocking domain [a.153]
Fold: Penicillin-binding protein associated domain [b.105]
Fold: Phage tail proteins [b.106]
Fold: Urease metallochaperone UreE, N-terminal domain [b.107]
Fold: Triple-stranded beta-helix [b.108]
Fold: beta-hairpin stack [b.109]
Fold: Cloacin translocation domain [b.110]
Fold: DTD-like [c.110]
Fold: Activating enzymes of the ubiquitin-like proteins [c.111]
Fold: Glycerol-3-phosphate (1)-acyltransferase [c.112]
Fold: PEP carboxykinase N-terminal domain [c.109]
Fold: HemD-like [c.113]
Fold: Secretion chaperone-like [d.198]
Fold: MotA C-terminal domain-like [d.199]
Fold: Integrin beta tail domain [d.200]
Fold: SRP19 [d.201]
Fold: Transcription factor NusA, N-terminal domain [d.202]
Fold: DsrC, the gamma subunit of dissimilatory sulfite reductase [d.203]
Fold: Ribosome binding protein Y (YfiA homologue) [d.204]
Fold: GTP cyclohydrolase I feedback regulatory protein, GFRP [d.205]
Fold: YggU-like [d.206]
Fold: Thymidylate synthase-complementing protein Thy1 [d.207]
Fold: MTH1598-like [d.208]
Fold: Protein-L-isoaspartyl O-methyltransferase, C-terminal domain [d.197]
Fold: LCCL domain [d.209]
Fold: Argininosuccinate synthetase, C-terminal domain [d.210]
Fold: NSP3 homodimer [e.34]
Fold: Membrane penetration protein mu1 [e.35]
Fold: Head and neck region of the ectodomain of NDV fusion glycoprotein [f.12]
Fold: Pheromone ER-23 [g.58]
Fold: GroE chaperon [i.16]
Fold: HIV-1 gp41 fragments [j.85]
Fold: Actin-binding peptides [j.86]
Fold: Rack1 interaction site of the CAMP-specific phosphodiesterase pde4d5. [j.87]
Fold: Prepeptide of 5-ALAS [j.88]
Fold: the cytoplasmic N-terminus of the bk beta-subunit kcnmb2 [j.89]
Fold: Prion protein fragments [j.90]
Fold: Tumor suppressor protein p19-ARF fragment [j.91]
Fold: Antennapedia homeodomain fragments [j.92]
Fold: Glytm1bzip [k.31]

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