Structural Classification of Proteins
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Family: RPB6 [a.143.1.2]
Family: RNA polymerase subunit RPB10 [a.4.11.1]
Family: RNA polymerase subunit RBP8 [b.40.4.8]
Family: Eukaryotic RPB5 N-terminal domain [c.52.3.1]
Family: RBP11/RpoL [d.74.3.2]
Family: RNA polymerase alpha subunit dimerisation domain [d.74.3.1]
Family: RPB5 [d.78.1.1]
Family: Insert subdomain of RNA polymerase alpha subunit [d.181.1.1]
Family: RNA-polymerase beta [e.29.1.1]
Family: RNA-polymerase beta-prime [e.29.1.2]
Family: Transcriptional factor domain [g.41.3.1]
Family: RBP12 subunit of RNA polymerase II [g.41.9.2]

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