Structural Classification of Proteins
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Superfamily: YnzC-like [a.2.21]
Superfamily: PRP4-like [a.140.6]
Superfamily: SOCS box-like [a.271.1]
Superfamily: Efb C-domain-like [a.7.17]
Superfamily: AF1782-like [a.8.11]
Superfamily: YqgQ-like [a.272.1]
Superfamily: YvfG-like [a.23.7]
Superfamily: TM1646-like [a.24.29]
Superfamily: HP0062-like [a.25.5]
Superfamily: SO2669-like [a.25.6]
Superfamily: Bacillus cereus metalloprotein-like [a.29.13]
Superfamily: Ta0600-like [a.29.14]
Superfamily: DsbB-like [a.29.15]
Superfamily: IVS-encoded protein-like [a.29.16]
Superfamily: YqcC-like [a.29.17]
Superfamily: Orange domain-like [a.273.1]
Superfamily: HAMP domain-like [a.274.1]
Superfamily: PG0775 C-terminal domain-like [a.48.5]
Superfamily: DnaD domain-like [a.275.1]
Superfamily: BH2638-like [a.276.1]
Superfamily: GspK insert domain-like [a.60.16]
Superfamily: FLJ32549 domain-like [a.246.3]
Superfamily: TAFH domain-like [a.277.1]
Superfamily: BH3980-like [a.69.4]
Superfamily: AF1862-like [a.70.2]
Superfamily: GINS helical bundle-like [a.278.1]
Superfamily: Jann4075-like [a.279.1]
Superfamily: RbcX-like [a.280.1]
Superfamily: YheA/YmcA-like [a.281.1]
Superfamily: RPA2825-like [a.282.1]
Superfamily: ENT-like [a.283.1]
Superfamily: YejL-like [a.284.1]
Superfamily: MtlR-like [a.285.1]
Superfamily: Sama2622-like [a.286.1]
Superfamily: TerB-like [a.287.1]
Superfamily: UraD-Like [a.288.1]
Superfamily: Sec63 N-terminal domain-like [a.289.1]
Superfamily: PSPTO4464-like [a.290.1]
Superfamily: MG296-like [a.291.1]
Superfamily: LanC-like [a.102.6]
Superfamily: HP0242-like [a.292.1]
Superfamily: SMc04008-like [a.293.1]
Superfamily: MgtE N-terminal domain-like [a.118.26]
Superfamily: Tex N-terminal region-like [a.294.1]
Superfamily: AGR_C_984p-like [a.295.1]
Superfamily: PMT central region-like [a.296.1]
Superfamily: Lag-3 N-terminal region [a.137.14]
Superfamily: Lipase chaperone-like [a.137.15]
Superfamily: NEAT domain-like [b.1.28]
Superfamily: Smr-associated domain-like [b.7.5]
Superfamily: WSSV envelope protein-like [b.170.1]
Superfamily: Trm112p-like [b.171.1]
Superfamily: YopX-like [b.172.1]
Superfamily: Mib/herc2 domain-like [b.34.19]
Superfamily: YorP-like [b.34.20]
Superfamily: Plus3-like [b.34.21]
Superfamily: Dom34/Pelota N-terminal domain-like [b.38.4]
Superfamily: TrmB C-terminal domain-like [b.38.5]
Superfamily: BC4932-like [b.40.13]
Superfamily: HupF/HypC-like [b.40.14]
Superfamily: EutN/CcmL-like [b.40.15]
Superfamily: HIN-2000 domain-like [b.40.16]
Superfamily: YkvR-like [b.45.3]
Superfamily: NifT/FixU-like [b.173.1]
Superfamily: YopT-like [b.174.1]
Superfamily: FomD-like [b.175.1]
Superfamily: SO1590-like [b.159.2]
Superfamily: AttH-like [b.176.1]
Superfamily: YmcC-like [b.177.1]
Superfamily: PA1994-like [b.178.1]
Superfamily: Guanosine diphospho-D-mannose pyrophosphorylase/mannose-6-phosphate isomerase linker domain [b.81.4]
Superfamily: AtpF-like [c.149.1]
Superfamily: EreA/ChaN-like [c.150.1]
Superfamily: XCC0632-like [c.51.6]
Superfamily: TBP-interacting protein-like [c.52.4]
Superfamily: Cgl1923-like [c.56.8]
Superfamily: CobE/GbiG C-terminal domain-like [c.151.1]
Superfamily: CbiG N-terminal domain-like [c.152.1]
Superfamily: PhnH-like [c.67.2]
Superfamily: Dhaf3308-like [c.67.3]
Superfamily: YerB-like [c.153.1]
Superfamily: CdCA1 repeat-like [c.154.1]
Superfamily: PrpR receptor domain-like [c.92.3]
Superfamily: XkdW-like [d.186.2]
Superfamily: YdgH-like [d.230.6]
Superfamily: YdhG-like [d.198.4]
Superfamily: YgaC/TfoX-N like [d.198.5]
Superfamily: PH1570-like [d.342.1]
Superfamily: NSP3A-like [d.15.14]
Superfamily: MM3350-like [d.343.1]
Superfamily: PriA/YqbF domain [d.344.1]
Superfamily: NRDP1 C-terminal domain-like [d.345.1]
Superfamily: SARS Nsp1-like [d.346.1]
Superfamily: Acetoacetate decarboxylase-like [d.347.1]
Superfamily: YegP-like [d.348.1]
Superfamily: CPE0013-like [d.349.1]
Superfamily: YcgL-like [d.350.1]
Superfamily: NMB0488-like [d.351.1]
Superfamily: FlaG-like [d.352.1]
Superfamily: AMPKBI-like [d.353.1]
Superfamily: Cation efflux protein cytoplasmic domain-like [d.52.9]
Superfamily: EspE N-terminal domain-like [d.52.10]
Superfamily: Shew3726-like [d.354.1]
Superfamily: Rnp2-like [d.58.59]
Superfamily: Bacterial polysaccharide co-polymerase-like [d.58.60]
Superfamily: MTH889-like [d.58.61]
Superfamily: Ribosomal protein L10-like [d.58.62]
Superfamily: RplX-like [d.355.1]
Superfamily: SP0830-like [d.356.1]
Superfamily: NosL/MerB-like [d.357.1]
Superfamily: YdfO-like [d.358.1]
Superfamily: BH3703-like [d.359.1]
Superfamily: SMR domain-like [d.68.8]
Superfamily: PG1857-like [d.360.1]
Superfamily: PB2 C-terminal domain-like [d.361.1]
Superfamily: BLRF2-like [d.362.1]
Superfamily: PH0987 N-terminal domain-like [d.74.5]
Superfamily: NMB0513-like [d.363.1]
Superfamily: PA1123-like [d.364.1]
Superfamily: BRK domain-like [d.76.2]
Superfamily: YueI-like [d.79.8]
Superfamily: BB2672-like [d.79.9]
Superfamily: V-type ATPase subunit E-like [d.81.4]
Superfamily: Ava3019-like [d.365.1]
Superfamily: SpoVG-like [d.366.1]
Superfamily: EscU C-terminal domain-like [d.367.1]
Superfamily: YonK-like [d.368.1]
Superfamily: BT0923-like [d.98.2]
Superfamily: MbtH-like [d.100.2]
Superfamily: SMI1/KNR4-like [d.369.1]
Superfamily: FLJ32549 C-terminal domain-like [d.109.3]
Superfamily: YNR034W-A-like [d.110.10]
Superfamily: BTG domain-like [d.370.1]
Superfamily: YehR-like [d.371.1]
Superfamily: YqaI-like [d.372.1]
Superfamily: gpW/gp25-like [d.373.1]
Superfamily: YugN-like [d.129.11]
Superfamily: TTHC002-like [d.374.1]
Superfamily: NE1680-like [d.375.1]
Superfamily: Lp2179-like [d.376.1]
Superfamily: Rv2827c C-terminal domain-like [d.377.1]
Superfamily: Phosphoprotein oligomerization domain-like [d.378.1]
Superfamily: Taf5 N-terminal domain-like [d.379.1]
Superfamily: Jann2411-like [d.380.1]
Superfamily: ATP12-like [d.381.1]
Superfamily: PSTPO5379-like [d.382.1]
Superfamily: PG1388-like [d.383.1]
Superfamily: FlhC-like [e.64.1]
Superfamily: VPA0735-like [e.65.1]
Superfamily: Api92-like [e.66.1]
Superfamily: PH0156-like [e.67.1]
Superfamily: YacF-like [e.68.1]
Superfamily: Poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit-like [e.69.1]
Superfamily: MalF N-terminal region-like [e.70.1]
Superfamily: AF1531-like [e.71.1]
Superfamily: SSO1389-like [e.72.1]
Superfamily: CV3147-like [e.73.1]
Superfamily: HI0933 insert domain-like [e.74.1]
Superfamily: flu NP-like [e.75.1]
Superfamily: Viral glycoprotein ectodomain-like [e.76.1]
Superfamily: Photosystem II reaction center protein L, PsbL [f.23.31]
Superfamily: Photosystem II reaction center protein J, PsbJ [f.23.32]
Superfamily: Photosystem II 10 kDa phosphoprotein PsbH [f.23.33]
Superfamily: Photosystem II reaction center protein T, PsbT [f.23.34]
Superfamily: Photosystem II reaction center protein M, PsbM [f.23.35]
Superfamily: Photosystem II reaction center protein K, PsbK [f.23.36]
Superfamily: Photosystem II reaction center protein I, PsbI [f.23.37]
Superfamily: Cytochrome b559 subunits [f.23.38]
Superfamily: Htr2 transmembrane domain-like [f.17.4]
Superfamily: PsbZ-like [f.17.5]
Superfamily: ATP synthase B chain-like [f.52.1]
Superfamily: ATP synthase D chain-like [f.53.1]
Superfamily: SNF-like [f.54.1]
Superfamily: Photosystem II antenna protein-like [f.55.1]
Superfamily: MAPEG domain-like [f.56.1]
Superfamily: MgtE membrane domain-like [f.57.1]
Superfamily: MetI-like [f.58.1]
Superfamily: Cation efflux protein transmembrane domain-like [f.59.1]
Superfamily: VhTI-like [g.2.4]
Superfamily: YfgJ-like [g.41.18]
Superfamily: CHY zinc finger-like [g.89.1]
Superfamily: E6 C-terminal domain-like [g.90.1]
Superfamily: E7 C-terminal domain-like [g.91.1]
Superfamily: T-antigen specific domain-like [g.92.1]
Superfamily: Zinc hairpin stack [g.93.1]
Superfamily: RILP dimerisation region [h.1.34]
Superfamily: Gam-like [h.4.18]
Superfamily: PspA lactotransferrin-binding region [h.4.19]
Superfamily: Ribosomal protein S21p [j.122.1]

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