Structural Classification of Proteins
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Search Results [scop 1.61]

Fold: Variable surface antigen VlsE [a.154]
Fold: Small protein B (SmpB) [b.111]
Fold: DsrEFH-like [c.114]
Fold: alpha/beta knot [c.116]
Fold: Hypothetical protein MTH777 (MT0777) [c.115]
Fold: Amidase signature (AS) enzymes [c.117]
Fold: beta-hairpin-alpha-hairpin repeat [d.211]
Fold: VSV matrix protein [d.213]
Fold: Hypothetical protein MTH1880 [d.214]
Fold: TolA/TonB C-terminal domain [d.212]
Fold: Smc hinge domain [d.215]
Fold: Rotavirus NSP2 fragment, N-terminal domain [d.216]
Fold: Siroheme synthase middle domains-like [e.37]
Fold: Release factor [e.38]
Fold: YebC-like [e.39]
Fold: Cullin homology domain [e.40]
Fold: Zinc-binding domain of translation initiation factor 2 beta [g.59]
Fold: Virus envelope proteins [i.17]
Fold: Sheep myeloid antimicrobial peptide SMAP29 based peptides [j.93]
Fold: alpha-2a adrenergic receptor pepride t3-i2 [j.94]
Fold: Catestatin fragment from chromogranin A [j.95]
Fold: Trp-cage miniprotein [k.32]
Fold: IFN mimetic syr6 [k.33]
Fold: TAZ (CH) Zn-binding domain based design [k.34]
Fold: Beta-sheet designs [k.35]
Fold: PW2, a tryptophan-rich anticocidial peptide [k.36]

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