Structural Classification of Proteins
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Protein: Family B DNA polymerase from Archaeon Thermococcus gorgonarius [TaxId: 71997]


  1. Root: scop
  2. Class: Multi-domain proteins (alpha and beta) [56572]
    Folds consisting of two or more domains belonging to different classes
  3. Fold: DNA/RNA polymerases [56671]
    divided into morphological domains including "palm", "thumb" and "fingers"; the catalytic "palm" domain is conserved to all members
  4. Superfamily: DNA/RNA polymerases [56672]
    "palm" domain has a ferredoxin-like fold, related to that of an adenylyl cyclase domain
    link to SUPERFAMILY database - Superfamily
  5. Family: DNA polymerase I [56673]
  6. Protein: Family B DNA polymerase [56680]
  7. Species: Archaeon Thermococcus gorgonarius [TaxId: 71997] [56682]

PDB Entry Domains:

  1. 1tgo picpicxref
    1. region a:348-773 [43010] picpiclink
  2. 2vwk picpicxref
    automatically matched to d1tgoa2
    complexed with na, so4; mutant
    1. region a:348-773 [153678] picpiclink
  3. 2vwj picpicxref
    automatically matched to d1qqca2
    complexed with k; mutant
    1. region a:348-756 [153676] picpiclink

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