Structural Classification of Proteins
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Protein: Type II deoxyuridine triphosphatase from Campylobacter jejuni [TaxId: 197]



  1. Root: scop
  2. Class: All alpha proteins [46456]
  3. Fold: all-alpha NTP pyrophosphatases [101385]
    multihelical: dimeric 4-helical bundle surrounded by other helices; oligomerizes further in a tetramer
  4. Superfamily: all-alpha NTP pyrophosphatases [101386]
    basic module consist of 5 active site-forming helices; four from one subunit/structural repeat; the fifth from the other subunit/repeat
    link to SUPERFAMILY database - Superfamily
  5. Family: Type II deoxyuridine triphosphatase [101387]
    one subunit comprises two degenerate structural repeats, organised into the "rigid" and "mobile" subdomains
  6. Protein: Type II deoxyuridine triphosphatase [101388]
  7. Species: Campylobacter jejuni [TaxId: 197] [109960]
    SQ Q9PMK9

PDB Entry Domains:

  1. 1w2y picpic
    complexed with dun, mg
    1. chain a [109140] picpiclink
    2. chain b [109141] picpiclink
  2. 2cic picpic
    automatically matched to d1w2ya_
    complexed with dup, mg
    1. region a:1-229 [130487] picpiclink

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