Structural Classification of Proteins
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Help on using Chime with scop

Interfaces to Chime and RasMol are provided in SCOP for the display of protein structure backbones coloured by region.

Chime links from scop

With the chime plug-in correctly installed, clicking on the chime icon () SCOP will cause a page to be displayed with the molecule coloured as follows:

alpha helix (magenta)
beta strand (yellow)
turn residues (blue)
remaining residues, i.e. random coil (white)
parts of this PDB chain not in this domain (red-orange)
other chains in this SCOP file (violet)

Chime buttons allow selection of region only, chain only and the whole molecule as appropriate.

An example of the view you should see is shown in the picture here, showing the TIM barrel domain (residues 1-382) of SCOP entry 1cdg. The only difference between this and the chime view is that the molecule can be rotated etc.

Chime controls


  1. Drag Mouse Button: Rotate molecule
  2. Shift-Mouse Button: Scale molecule
  3. Hold Mouse Button: Get menu of options

    Note: for speed, only the mainchain atoms of SCOP file are downloaded into the chime window. For the same reason, in the case of NMR structures, only the mainchain of first molecule is downloaded. This means that if all atom display modes are selected from the chime options menu, side chains will not be displayed.

    Installing Chime

    Chemscape Chime is a Netscape plug-in developed by MDL, similar to RasMol. If you saw no structure you need to download and install the plug-in first (you must be using Netscape 2.02 or later).

    At the moment, Chime is only available for Windows and Macintosh platforms. Responsible for Chime support is Raphaël Leplae (

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